Flowers, 21 Cork Street, London W1S 3LZ, (020 7439 7766)

 The exhibition Three Surrealists (until 3rd August) is a great treat with its very different kind of works ranging from Anthony Earnshaw’s  boxed assemblages,


Anthony Earnshaw The Fox Hunt 2000

Boxed assemblage, 35 x 36 x 7 cm, AFG 30941.  Copyright Anthony Earnshaw, Courtesy Flowers Gallery, London.                   

to the wondrous three-dimensional paintings  of Patrick Hughes where the eye is tricked into believing you see the third dimension by movement

51425 (1)

Patrick Hughes, Warholistic 2013, Oil on board construction,  43.75 x 102.5 x 21 cm

Copyright Patrick Hughes, Courtesy Flowers Gallery, London.

and the cartoon like depiction of contrived scenes by Glen Baxter which always make one smile.


Glen Baxter (b.1944), I had noticed that Robert was increasingly prone to sudden emotional mood swings 2005

Ink and crayon on paper, 78 x 57 cm.   Copyright Glen Baxter, Courtesy Flowers Gallery, London.            


Alon Zakaim Fine Art, 5-7 Dover Street, London W1S 4LD, 020 7287 7750

Vanstone Installation Shot 1

General View of the Gallery

Origins (until 16th August) allows those of us who are not regular attendees of the Chelsea Flower Show to enjoy the sculptures of Paul Vanstone. His works are a mixture of traditional and contemporary, whether they be torsos, heads, sinuously shaped figures or the sculpted folds of fabric. All are carved from marble especially chosen for the subject matter.   It is the resulting pared-down simplicity that attracts the viewer and draws them to acquire one.

Jaisalmer Head Jaisalmer Head


Sarah Myerscough Fine Art, 15 – 16 Brooks Mews, London W1K 4DS, (020 7495 0069)

In Landscaped (until 31st August) Jenny Pockley, better known for her remarkable cityscapes, has turned her hand and skill to depicting her native Kent in landscapes of muted palette but tremendous impact.

Jenny Pockley, Refinery, 2013. Oil on Gesso, 120 x 150 cm Jenny Pockley, Refinery, 2013. Oil on Gesso, 120 x 150 cm.

Sarah Myerscough Fine Art

Alongside her Andrew Mackenzie’s pictures evoke the Scottish countryside while noting the presence of man-made constructions such as reservoirs and viewing platforms.

Andrew Mackenzie, Far Hope 4, Oil on Panel,107 x 63   Andrew Mackenzie, Far Hope 4, Oil on Panel,107 x 63

Sarah Myerscough Fine Art

A deconstructed view of the city landscape is the final element of this show where in carefully created photographs, Sachiyo Nishimura, reveals elements, normally ignored, such as the visible wiring between rails and tram routes.

Sachiyo Nishimura, Lines 05-1, Giclee Print, 72 x 117 Sachiyo Nishimura, Lines 05-1, Giclee Print, 72 x 117

Sarah Myerscough Fine Art

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