Ami Spangler

Eye for One – 1970 – 1978 The Formative Years, until 31st August  

 Original Gallery, Hornsey Library, Haringey Park, Crouch End, N8 9JA

Monday – Friday 1 – 7pm, Saturday 1 – 5pm, and Sunday 1 – 4pm.(Nearest tube: Finsbury Park)


These large paintings (acrylic on canvas) are early works by the American artist Ami Spangler.

Kites - 1974

Kites – 1974

They were painted in the 1970s when she was living in New York. They are very much of their time and it is fascinating to see a large group of them – indeed we are lucky because this is the first time the collection has been seen together.

Spangler was inspired by the jazz scene and her works reflect both the improvisation and lyricism found in jazz.  She says of her works “I wanted to share my passion for the ‘unseen’ dimensions – both the microcosm and the macrocosm, to experiment with the human shape (especially dancers) in a field of shifting patterns…as if the human figures themselves were starry constellations or subatomic configurations.”

Atlantis 1978

Atlantis 1978

Although now living and working in the United States she lived in Britain for a number of years (1987-2005).  In May next year the second part of her artistic voyage will be revealed in
Eye for One: New York to New Mexico at the Highgate Gallery.  The show will feature new works, including a collection of watercolours, painted in her studio in New Mexico.

Mu 1977

Mu 1977

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