Art, Food, Drink!

image001 (1)   The Truscott Arms is a new gastro-pub at 55 Shirland Road, Maida Vale, London W9 2JD (‎) which also provides great succour for the visual senses with its display of art in the public and private dining rooms.

The artist on show at present is the talented Nina Fowler. By concentrating on idolatry, fame and icons using images from the 1920s, 30s and 40s she explores the darker side of fame.  Some of her drawings almost transcend into sculpture.  Her frames, which she makes, evoke cinema facades and stage sets.


Illustrated here is the silent Hollywood film star Bessie Love, who did go on to make “talkies” too, many in Britain from the Fifties onwards.  She lived in a flat overlooking Clapham Common and died in London in 1986.

For further information on artists contact

image002 (1)

One comment on “Art, Food, Drink!

  1. John Kirkwood says:

    looks great !


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