A celebration of James Giles and Porcelain at the Holburne Museum

James Giles ‘Ingenious’ Painter of Porcelain, Until 10th November, The Holburne Museum, Bath

There are very many good reasons to visit Bath and certainly one of them is the Holburne Museum.  Lovers of 18th century porcelain would be wise to go as soon as possible to see the exhibition, in the Museum’s Ballroom Gallery, of Chinese and English porcelain, especially Worcester, decorated in the London workshop of James Giles (1718-1780).P1040758

The workshop was in business between 1743-1777 and Giles’s advert for it stated ‘This ingenious Artist copies the Pattern of any China with the utmost exactness, both with respect to the Design and Colours, either in the European or Chinese taste’. P1040764The exhibits come from three private collections; one is that of a great friend the late Stephen Hanscombe (1933-2013) who did much work on Giles, including two exhibitions at Stockspring Antiques where I had the great pleasure of working with him.

A ceramic feast not to be missed.P1040765



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