Charlotte Hodes -The Grammar of Ornament : New papercuts and ceramics at jaggedart

Charlotte Hodes –The Grammar of Ornament : New papercuts and ceramics, until 5th April, jaggedart, 28 A Devonshire Street, (off Marylebone High Street), London W1G 6PS

This exhibition is the artist’s first solo show at jaggedart – some of you will remember the show of her work at the Wallace Collection in 2007.


In this show of thirty-seven papercuts and thirty-seven associated ceramics the artist Charlotte Hodes, well-known for collage, has produced a new body of work that is a re-interpretation of Owen Jones’s The Grammar of Ornament, published in 1856.


Hodes’s approach is to look at the subject matter from the perspective of a 21st Century female artist with the female being the protagonist and by doing this she subverts the rigid “masculine” hierarchy suggested by Jones.  She creates this using papercut and collage techniques to express her view with great effect.


The exhibition will go on to be shown at the New Hall Art Collection, Cambridge, the only collection devoted to women’s art in the UK  (26th April-24th May).

Copyright © 2013 jaggedart limited, All rights reserved.

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