‘The Collector’s Cabinet’ at Anthony Outred

‘The Collector’s Cabinet’ at Anthony Outred, 72 & 74 Pimlico Road, London, SW1W 8LS, until Monday 7th April 2014, (closing 6pm)


The phenomenon known as The Collector’s Cabinet (Kunstkammer or Wunderkammer) wherin rare and curious objects were displayed and enjoyed, emerged during the Renaissance and at first was the province of Princes and nobles but as the time went on scholars, collectors and merchants were also able to put  together their own collector’s cabinets according to their wealth and interests.
skull comp
In this new exhibition Anthony Outred have assembled over fifty unusual pieces to provide a modern day version of the Collector’s Cabinet to entice a new generation. There are rare taxidermy items, African and Far Eastern artefacts, carved ivories, objets de Vertu, cabinets and boxes and memento mori to choose from. A veritable and enticing feast for the eye and mind. And if you subscribe to Anthony Outred’s tenet that ‘A man without a collection is a man without a soul’ then this is certainly the place for you.
1-Silver cabinet low res


One comment on “‘The Collector’s Cabinet’ at Anthony Outred

  1. I have a very large collection of sweet wrappers and toys which I also use in my artwork. Inspired by Peter Blake I like to keep these collections in boxes which I then draw but the boxes themselves are art pieces in their own right. See my blog for the last two collections squashed in boxes, and I agree that what we collect reveals who we are, our soul.

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