HESTER FINCH – Alone in Berlin, 8th – 13th April 2014

HESTER FINCH – Alone in Berlin, Jessica Carlisle, 83 Kinnerton Street, London SW1X 8ED

Finch Chelmno, Poland

Chelmno, Poland

In this new, strong body of work Hester Finch captures her exploration of the psychological potential in painting with skill and verve.

Finch The Hospice (Blue)

The Hospice (Blue)

There are three groups of pictures: The Accused, a series of miniature-like images that invite judgement and empathy. The Atrocities, landscapes which on deeper inspection reveal elements that raise questions. Are we seeing something peaceful or is there more to the story? Is it a seemingly tranquil landscape or a war ravaged terrain for example? The final group of works is The Hospice, where sheets and cloths are seen in an enigmatic, contorted fashion that suggests memento mori and loss.

FINCH  Miniature (untlted triptych) 2014

Miniature (untlted triptych) 2014

Opening Times:
Tuesday 8th – Sunday 13th April 2014
10am to 8pm (Sunday 12pm to 6pm)



Finch Prison Camp, North Korea

Prison Camp, North Korea


All images are copyright

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