Abraham Cruzvillegas at the Thomas Dane Gallery, London SW1

Abraham Cruzvillegas – autodestrucción4: demolición1, until 24th May, Thomas Dane Gallery, 3 & 11 Duke Street St James’s, London SW1

TDA_032014_ 033

The work of this Mexican-born artist fills both galleries, almost literally. It is based mainly on the fact that friends and relatives considered him to be a punk and he says So suddenly I started calling myself that, and by doing so, I was in a way, negating – or even destroying – what a Punk really was or should have been, stricto-sensu.

And so that is the basis for this thought-provoking exhibition which is again best summed up in the artist’s own words:
In early April 2014, and with some help from a group of my artist friends and colleagues, I will try to activate, question, and open-up our personal and communal perception of Punk. Our ideas will be produced – and therefore destroyed – in a collective, two-part Autodestrucción exhibition at Thomas Dane Gallery


TDA_032014_ 034


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