Laure Hatchuel-Becker, Form and Colour, Gallery Elena Shchukina, London SW3

Laure Hatchuel-Becker, Form and Colour, Gallery Elena Shchukina, London SW3, until 21st June


This is the French artist’s first solo exhibition in the UK. Her highly complex, in terms of symmetry and alignment, paintings derive their inspiration from the dot paintings of Australian Aboriginal artists and some which involve simple elements like driftwood or fabric echo Arte Povera. Her works are a confection of colours which are built up into textured surfaces.



One of the gallery’s precepts is to show furniture and objects alongside the pictures and among them this time is a glass table designed by Hatchuel-Becker.

 LHB designed table

The other pieces of furniture are collaboration between the Swiss architect and designer, Carlo Rampazzi and Sergio Villa and come from the company NOI Paris (

chair Opus

Also there are a range of hand-drawn silk scarves which were inspired by Laure’s works and designed by Gallery Elena Shchukina  with the luxury design brand Yaelle (

 Elena S scarf

Gallery Elena Shchukina
18 Beauchamp Place, London SW3 1NQ


Just to let you know that there is also an exhibition at Elena Shchukina’s Lees Place, London W1 gallery where they are showing Miguel Kohler-Jan: Works from the 70s and 80s


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