AMI SPANGLER TYGER’S DAWN at the Highgate Gallery

AMI SPANGLER TYGER’S DAWN: (1970 – 2013) NEW YORK TO NEW MEXICO at the Highgate Gallery, until 22nd May

Ami Spangler - High Desert (1979)

High Desert (1979)

As promised last year I am bringing the new exhibition of Ami Spangler’s artistic work to your attention. This time as well as the New York pictures of the 1970s, inspired by New York’s jazz scene, there are watercolours which she now paints at her New Mexico studio. These latter pieces reflect her continuing interest in the interaction of the human form and the cosmic and how the arts can have healing powers.

Sleep Dream

Sleep Dream

Mary Magdelene 3

Mary Magdelene 3

Highgate Gallery, Highgate Literary & Scientific Institution,11 South Grove, London N6 (
Tuesday – Friday 1-5pm
Saturday 11am-4pm
Sunday 11am-5pm

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