Kelvin Okafor | Portraits, Albemarle Gallery, London

Kelvin Okafor | Portraits, Albemarle Gallery, 49 Albemarle Street, London W1, until 31st May


What does one say about these portraits that can possibly describe the skill and observational talents of Kelvin Okafor? He is an artist who seeks perfection in his wonderful drawings with their tonal qualities that brings the sitter almost literally to life. He can take up to a hundred hours from start to finish in creating one of them. Well worth it indeed.


I suggest that he has a great and well deserved career ahead of him. So get along to the gallery and prepare to be amazed by this his first solo show.


There is also a silent auction of the drawing of the late Stephen Sutton shown below which will end on 31st May  at 4pm.  Bids in excess of £7,500 to be placed with the gallery:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA One of the greatest privileges that the past year has brought me was getting to know Stephen Sutton who passed away early on Wednesday morning.

My original drawing of Stephen is on display as part of my exhibition. It is being sold by silent auction and all proceeds will be donated to the Teenage Cancer Trust.

All images are copyright

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