‘An Inflection of India’ by Jack Fillery at The Borough Barista, London SW1

‘An Inflection of India’ by Jack Fillery at The Borough Barista, 15 Charles II Street, St James, London, SW,1 until 1st July 2014


Monks at Dawn

Monks at Dawn

This is Jack Fillery’s first solo exhibition although I don’t doubt that it will be the first of many. In fact he was recently shortlisted for the Professional Photographer Magazine’s Professional Photographer of the Year award.  The twenty-two photographs were taken by him on his travels across India in January of this year. He has deliberately used a limited colour palette with great effect as you can see.

Rush to Temple

Rush to Temple


Fillery eloquently explains his reasons for the exhibition:

Despite the chaos and its infinite cultures and personalities, everything in India feels like it belongs where it is – nothing, nor nobody seems out of place or irregular. But the balance of this harmony is in doubt, as the country struggles with its ever-evolving sense of identity and faces new challenges as it emerges as one of the world’s economic powerhouses.

India is, at the same time both embracing and resisting the encroachment of a global culture. As a photographer, it is at once a strangely sad and exhilarating experience to find yourself witnessing a society and a people whose traditions and lifestyle are being lost. 

I felt the need – almost a responsibility – to capture the beauty of the ordinary and the everyday, to document the simplicity of existence in a land so steeped in romance and mythology and cultural difference.”




Goat boy

Goat boy


The Borough Barista’s opening hours are 9am – 5pm (Monday – Saturday) and 11am – 5pm (Sundays).



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