Sanctuary, John Maine RA, Salisbury Cathedral, until 23rd July

Sanctuary, John Maine RA, Salisbury Cathedral, until 23rd July.


©Ash Mills



Salisbury Cathedral is such a special place and because it was built in 38 years (1220-1258) is, unlike other English medieval cathedrals, in just one architectural style – early English Gothic. The tower and spire were added fifty years later and, by the way, the spire at 123 metres is the country’s tallest.

©Ash Mill

©Ash Mills

Although the ‘Sanctuary’ installations around and within the Cathedral were not my main purpose in visiting the Cathedral it was a welcome feature as I had very much enjoyed Maine’s exhibition ‘After Cosmati’ at the Royal Academy in 2011. The theme of the exhibition is the idea of “sanctuary” in its various forms and indeed the visitor is tempted to touch or even sit on some of them. They give a sense of permanence and stillness.


©Ash Mills

Sarah Mullally, (Canon Treasurer and Chairman of the Cathedral’s Exhibitions Committee), says “Salisbury Cathedral is testament to the beauty of stone both in its strength and its ability to portray detail.  The crafts men and women who built this wonderful building did so to enable us to journey with them to the heavens. John Maine’s sculptures both complement and provide a contrast to the stone of the Cathedral and the landscape of the Cathedral Close.  The pieces seek to bring us on a journey not just heavenwards but, like any good labyrinth, inwards; quieting the mind and stilling the heart.  Maybe it is here that we encounter sanctuary in a busy world.”


©Ash Mills

One comment on “Sanctuary, John Maine RA, Salisbury Cathedral, until 23rd July

  1. well well what goes around comes around ,John was one of my personal tutors at Kingston Poly in the (Mid) 1970s, my work couldn’t have been more different, he put me on to Germaine Richier for comparison and education and represented an unbiased prompter of ART , the students always remember the teacher ,seldom the other way around, neverless aa lecturer myself in the course of a life time i honour him,and Charlie Lewis HOD sculpture , at Kingston twin Commando at D Day, sculptor of an elephant he claimed (the Elephant ,I’m Sure Didn’t Mind LOL) please look into the lewis twins one at the Beaux Artes in Paris one at Kingston pioneering Facilitators of intra European Study and, later Trans Atlantic studies Hommage to CHarlie and JOHN
    YMOS Ian

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