The Society of Designer Craftsmen

Designer Crafts at the Mall, Mall Galleries, the Mall, London SW1, 8th-17th January 2015.

Circus ©Tori McLean Textiles

©Tori McLean Textiles

This year the Society of Designer Craftsmen is celebrating 25 years at the Mall Galleries. As you might expect it is the Society’s largest show to date, with a combination of thirty-two new graduates alongside seventy-three established members. It promises to be a veritable feast of design with works in a wide variety of materials – ceramics, glass, wood, textiles, metal and jewels.

Interlock rings © Verena Boehm 2014

Interlock rings
© Verena Boehm 2014

As a special silver anniversary feature the Society asked members to create special pieces sized 25 x 25 x 25cm with, as you will discover, some exciting results.

Spiral 1 ©Judith Drysdale

Spiral 1
©Judith Drysdale

One feature of the show is the ‘Shop WithinThe Show’ where you can buy the items you like and take them away with you.

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