London’s Guildhall Art Gallery

The Guildhall Art Gallery, Guildhall Yard, London, EC2

Guildhall Small Size-2

The gallery has undergone a transformation which certainly benefits art lovers and those interested in the history of the ‘Square Mile’.

Guildhall Small Size-4

The Gallery’s display of Victorian paintings has been imaginatively rehung with works such as those depicting home, work, leisure and religion now grouped thematically which has meant that now there is nearly double the amount of paintings on view.

Guildhall Small Size-75

Other new displays within the building include ‘City of London: Plenty and Progress’, ‘Picturing London: 400 Years’, and ‘Landscapes of Sir Matthew Smith’. The Gallery’s Principal Curator Julia Dudkiewicz says ‘The Guildhall Art Gallery is a real hidden gem in the heart of the City. It was one of the first public galleries in London, predating Tate Britain by 15 years, and today houses one of the largest and best collections of Victorian art in the world.’

 Guildhall Small Size-63

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