BOOK REVIEW: Nothing Beats Reality

Nothing Beats Reality

Pierre Winther



Hardcover with jacket

Text in English

€ 98 $ 125 £ 80


ISBN: 978-3-8327-9861-1

This book celebrates the work of the Danish-born leading photographer Pierre Winther. As the striking images in this book ably demonstrate he has a cinematic mind. They are garnered from a quarter of a century’s work for clients, including Diesel, Dunhill, Finlandia, Levi’s, Hugo Boss and Nike.

The cover image which dates from 1992 and was done without digital manipulation influenced the book’s title Nothing Beats Reality. Winther explains this choice saying “I think the narrative of the man riding a 17 feet tiger shark visually sums up my general approach to image-making, which is this balance of danger and illusion with a playful nod to the viewer. And at the same time I see the image as a hint to the title ‘Nothing Beats Reality’ and visa versa.”

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