‘Moving South’

Peter Joyce – ‘Moving South’, Jenna Burlingham Fine Art at Gallery 8, 8 Duke Street, St James’s, London, SW1 6th – 10th May 2015

Suspended Lines  92cm x 92cm

Suspended Lines
92cm x 92cm

I am sure that some of you will recognise, from various London fairs, the abstract landscapes of Peter Joyce which combine the traditions of English landscape painting, post war Modern British Art and the 21st century in a highly individual and appealing way. Now he is having a well-deserved solo exhibition.

Propriété Privée  200cm x 118cm

Propriété Privée
200cm x 118cm

The show’s title reflects his move from Dorset to La Vendée in France. There is a definite influence of the warmer climate, longer days and quality of light in these new works. Many depict the marshlands of the Marais Breton Vendéen of which he says: “I love being
here, it’s a challenging landscape reclaimed from the sea.

Overhanging Nets  92cm x 92cm

Overhanging Nets
92cm x 92cm

Maybe it isn’t so immediately obvious in terms of aesthetic appearance as my home county of Dorset. It isn’t hills, valleys and cliff faces, it is endlessly flat and apparently featureless. It rewards perseverance on the aesthetic level, very much like painting. The area resists easy translation onto canvas. I’m comfortable with that though, my painting is a seemingly endless set of questions and answers, of working and reworking and of trial and error. I enjoy the process of struggling with paint, I am a painter, paint is my medium and I choose the subject of what I see. I love the marsh landscape as much as I loved Dorset. ”


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