Anthony Outred

 Katherine Wise, Anthony Outred, 72 Pimlico Road, London, SW1, until 4th July 2015

The Three Sisters

The Three Sisters

One can totally understand why Anthony Outred is the exclusive UK showcase for the powerful works of Katherine Wise. He says of them “I am delighted to be able to introduce Katherine’s sculpture to collectors. I have long admired her work and how she communicates ideas through form, uniting nature with indigenous civilizations.  Her works offer both monumentality and intimacy that display as well in the park, in the drawing room”.

Circle of Solitude

Circle of Solitude

The artist explains that “As well as a concern with content and the making process, my interest lies in human interaction with the pieces. By becoming invested with other ideas, thoughts and reactions, the pieces become entities in their own right. This is as much a personality of the work as my own intent.”

one of Three Works on Paper

One of Three Works on Paper

I am certainly not going to disagree with either of them.

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