Max Rollitt – Antiques and Interiors



Max Rollitt could be described as a 3D man for he is a designer, dealer and decorator – and has a sure, deft touch in all three elements of his business. This sensitivity comes from him being both a dealer and a restorer which means he has a deep knowledge of the construction and design of furniture from different periods.


It is, of course, a vital component to him as a decorator because it shows he understands the scale and proportions suitable for the house he is working on.  He says ‘My aim is to create joyful homes which are comfortable elegant and interesting and look as though they have evolved over time.  Words to describe my style include informed, classical yet informal, eclectic but English.’


Certainly these pictures show his talent and vision.  Antiques play an important role in these interiors and as you can see he mainly specialises in 18th and 19th century English antiques which he combines with unusual textiles and a beguiling mixture of “bits and bobs”.  Max sums up his passion for antiques saying ‘I live and breathe antiques, I love them.  I am always seeking purity and beauty and a little quirk in each piece, so that they are not stale and boring, but rich, well patinated and sometimes amusing.’


As both clients and designers know it is not always possible to find a piece of the right size for an interior and with this in mind Max has designed a bespoke range of chairs, sofas, stools and tables that are made by the best craftsmen he can find and there is great attention to detail too – ‘I have sourced the best craftsman for each part of their production; the frames are constructed by hand, all the castors are sand cast copies of the originals and then I finish everything myself and can match the tone, feel and patina of the originals.’ 


He certainly has the right approach in all that he sets out to achieve and to my mind does it with a style and sense of wit that will endure and not grow stale.






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