A Glimpse of Eden!

Simafra – Eden, Maddox Gallery, 9 Maddox Street, Mayfair, London W1, until 11th February 2017


Albero della conoscenza del bene e del male, 160x160 cm, mixed media on canvas, 2016

Albero della conoscenza del bene e del male,
160×160 cm, mixed media on canvas, 2016

One can quite understand why Simafra (aka Riccardo Prosperi) has become so successful with his works hanging in the homes of the likes of Cameron Diaz and other celebrities. This, his first London solo show (in association with Bellini Cipriani) consists of new works created in his Florentine studio.

Simafra says of them “I started thinking about nature when I was working on the site-specific installation at the Biagiotti Progetto Arte Foundation. The installation recreates a fictional jungle, where a real car is eaten by the jungle itself: the aim of the work is to reflect on the regenerating power of nature. During the installation, I came across a number of images of gardens, flowers and animals, that led me to the ‘Eden’ theme. Along with this natural theme, my paintings are meant to reflect on the eternal fight within good and evil, as suggested to me by our society. This theme is ancient and yet extant, just like my painting, that aims to be timeless”


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