A Gallery Selection!

Anya GallaccioBeautiful Minds, Thomas Dane Gallery, 3 Duke Street, St James’s, SW1, until 25th March 2017

Installation view, Anya Gallaccio, Beautiful Minds, 2015 -2017.
Thomas Dane Gallery, London, 2017. Photo: Todd White Art Photography

Paisley-born artist Anya Gallaccio follows in the gallery’s tradition for large-scale works in this space as the whole gallery space is given over to a giant 3D clay printer which will for the course of the exhibition be printing a scaled effigy of the monolithic Devil’s Tower in Wyoming.  It is an interesting exercise because slip clay is not a reliable material and it is that which factors into the artist’s creative process for this fascinating project.



Printing times: 1-3pm, Tuesday to Saturday (subject to change)


Kazuo Shiraga, Lévy Gorvy, 22 Old Bond Street, London W1, until 25th March 2017

Installation view of Kazuo Shiraga
Courtesy of Lévy Gorvy

It is quite surprising that this is the Japanese artist’s first London solo exhibition for a decade. Shiraga (1924-2008) was a founder member of the avant-garde group Gutai and was well known for his method of foot painting while suspended from the ceiling and using his feet to spread the paint across the canvas to create the powerful abstract images.  The works on show are chiefly from the early 60s; a period when he was attaining international interest.



Tim Noble and Sue Webster – STICKS WITH DICKS AND SLITS, Blain|Southern, 4 Hanover Square, London W1, until 25th March 2017

Installation view, Tim Noble and Sue Webster, STICKS WITH DICKS AND SLITS, 2017,
Courtesy the artists and Blain|Southern, Photo: Peter Mallet

For their third exhibition at the gallery Tim Noble and Sue Webster have produced a completely new body of work with a series of giant self-portraits created in twisted bronze.

Normally the artists react to their everyday urban environment but this time the electrical wire maquettes for these works were started while they had a residency on the island of St Bart’s. The sculptures depiction of their naked forms reflect their artistic personae and do so in a direct, possibly to some, challenging way.




Shinkichi Tajiri, The Mayor Gallery, 21 Cork Street, (1st Floor), London W1, until 31st March 2017

Installation shot from Shinkichi Tajiri,
Courtesy of The Mayor Gallery.

Shinkichi Tajiri (1923 – 2009) was born in the USA the child of immigrant Japanese parents.  Following Pearl Harbour the war saw him and his family in an internment camp and to escape this he enlisted in the American Army’s all-Japanese regiment.  The horrors of war that he experienced are reflected in the violence tinged with eroticism that are a feature of his pieces. The works on view date from between 1955 and 1963.



Matt Stokes:Dead Sea Deaf Sea‘, Workplace London, 61 Conduit Street, Mayfair, London W1, until 1st April 2017

Installation view: Matt Stokes: Dead Sea Deaf Sea – Workplace London,
Courtesy of the artist and Workplace, UK

This is Matt Stokes’s first solo exhibition at the London gallery and it is a very thought-provoking one for by looking at HMS Standard, the WWII psychiatric rehabilitation camp and at both its main purpose – to heal and help – and the less obvious one – to deal with malingerers trying to avoid active service – the viewer is confronted by their own ‘fragility’ and the socio-political influences on our daily lives.



(Open Thursday – Friday 10 am – 5pm, and by appointment)


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