Kenneth Rowntree

Kenneth Rowntree, The Redfern Gallery, 20 Cork Street, London W1, until 4thNovember 2015

Abstract Landscape Acomb - 1975

Abstract Landscape Acomb – 1975

Following this exhibition’s acclaimed showing at the Fry Art Gallery (Saffron Walden) and Pallant House Gallery (Chichester) it now comes to London as a selling show and includes ten unseen works from the artist’s studio.  The exhibition is the fruit of the labours of Liss Llewellyn Fine Art and Moore-Gwyn Fine Art who have long thought that this important artist deserved more attention and to find his rightful place in Modern British Art.  This, his centenary year, is certainly the right time to do it.

All Content - 1949

All Content – 1949

Kenneth Rowntree (1915–1997) was a multi-faceted artist being involved with the Recording Britain project of the 1940s, the Royal College of Art in the 50s and then from 1959-1980 he was Professor of Fine Art in Newcastle. His work is unique and even though it can be said to either anticipate or be influenced by other artistic figures it is very much his own.

Putney Gardens - 1960s

Putney Gardens – 1960s

Night and Day 1 - 1988

Night and Day 1 – 1988