Two at the Albemarle Gallery

Albemarle Gallery, 49 Albemarle Street, London W1, until 11th April 2015

Upstairs: Mario Dalpra


The talented Austrian artist Mario Dalpra takes you into a very different world of biomorphic figures that suggest the gallery has been taken over by another planet, but they draw you in as their appearance, in colourful high-gloss lacquered bronze, is not threatening but rather suggest a humorous element in the artist’s output. On the walls are his powerful “face” paintings and there are also examples of his “Statements” series as well.



Downstairs: Realism 2015

march2015_17This striking exhibition of contemporary realist paintings by Ralf Arzt, Luigi Benedicenti, Thom Boekhoven, Juan Cossio, Ria de Henau and Philip Munoz was curated by the well-known hyper-realist painter, Luigi Benedicenti who sadly died recently. I am sure he will be much missed by the many of you that rightly admire his work.