Humble and Epic

Ben Gregor – Humble & Epic, Herrick Gallery, 93 Piccadilly, London W1, until 9th December 2015

Ben Gregor & boards

Ben Gregor & boards

For this exhibition which focuses on the ideas of love, friendship and inspiration in our present day world the London-based filmmaker Ben Gregor has used sixty-five maple wood skateboards as canvases on which he has laser etched the names of family, friends and heroes. Like those individuals each board is unique due to the differing markings of the wood.


He says of them “There are all kinds of people on the boards – it’s like a map, an inventory of people who have either inspired or sponsored me. Some I never met – like Evil Knievel and Kawabata Yasunari, some who I’ve been lucky to work with like Spike Jonze and Sigourney Weaver, right through to friends, family, priests and even my dog Wolfie. He’s probably the first dog to have his own pro model skateboard.”

boards 2

Please remember that 10% of sales profits will go to the non-profit organisation Skateistan which focuses especial on providing opportunities for Afghan girls and street working children.