MASTERPIECE LONDON 2014 – Daniel Crouch Rare Books

Daniel Crouch Rare Books


32 silver gelatin prints, each 17 by 22 inches. Full suite of images V-150 through V-157, each complete with medium resolution images M, and high resolution images H1, H2, and H3.

A remarkable comprehensive suite of images taken by Lunar Orbiter V of Copernicus crater and its immediate environs which Includes 24 high resolution images, comprising views of the central peaks, the crater floor, and the local ejecta blanket, as well as 8 medium resolution images of the crater in its entirety. Together the 24 high resolution images together form a fantastic 5½ foot wide by 11¼ foot long panoramic shot which is the most extensive photograph of crater Copernicus to be shot by Lunar Orbiter V.


Lunar Orbiter V was launched on August 1st 1967 and was the final LO mission. Its purpose was to take detailed images of potential Apollo landing sites.

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